There are a lot of you out there that I hope DO NOT send me an email with your answer to that question.

You see...there is this kiddo...yes...another kiddo...who I can't get out of my head.

Have I met him?   Nope.

Do I know much about him?  Nope.

Here's the thing...he is slowly inching his way into my heart.

God works in ways that I will never understand before I get to ask Him face to face.  I saw this boy on the heart gallery and wanted to know more.  This boy came up with a permanency worker on Monday.  The same boy came up as a potential placement for the teen camp.   Today at lunch one of my co-workers said "What are your boy's names?".  He then answered himself by giving the name of Middle Boy and not Younger Boy, but the first name of the boy who keeps being mentioned.

I was caught off guard.  I asked why he said that.  He didn't know why he thought that was Younger Boy's name.

Praying...that is what I am going to be doing regarding this boy.  Maybe that is all I am ever supposed to do. my path.
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