Both boys got their eyes checked today.

Younger Boy's prescription needed to be increased.  He also needed new frames.  Of course his insurance only pays for frames once every two years and only frames that cost under $20.  Well...this current frames have had to be super glued twice in the last two weeks so he needed new frames.  Also there are really no frames that cost under $20 that will meet the wear and tear a pre-teen boy is going to place on them.  So I just paid for it.

Middle Boy's needs glasses.  He really isn't far-sighted or near-sighted, but his eye muscles don't work hard enough to focus on near things  This is true especially if he has been looking at things in the distance.  This lack of eye muscle strength can cause headaches which is happening to him virtually every day.  The other option is for him to do vision therapy.  Just the word therapy nearly sent him through the roof.  Ultimately that might be what he needs to do, but the glasses will help in the interim.

So...both boys will have new glasses as of next Saturday.
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