We have been doing better at bedtime this week....for the most part.

Tonight we got home from Middle Boy's therapy session and I told the boys to shower and then they could watch a 30 minute TV show before going to bed.  They had been begging to watch it all week.

Well...that offer was good only if you got in the shower when I asked either the first or second time.  If you get in the shower 40 minutes later you don't get to watch a 30 minute TV show, because you have wasted the time you could have spent watching.

Middle Boy took a shower on the first ask.  Younger Boy didn't.  He was guilty of the 40 minute delay.  Middle Boy got to watch the show and finished at the same time Younger Boy was getting out of the shower.  Younger Boy didn't get to watch, because it was bedtime.

He decided instead of going to bed he would scream and cry and call me names.  He would keep opening his bedroom door and slamming it shut over and over...just in case I was missing it.  He would let me know that he will not be receiving consequences for this behavior, because after all it is my fault. 

Prayers for peace tomorrow night at bedtime.
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