It has lately become our nightly ritual for the boys to do things that irritate me and then I blow up.  Happens about the same time every single night.

Younger Boy usually just leaves, slams his door, and plays around in his room.  Middle Boy just gets angrier and angrier and nothing I say can help the situation.

Tonight it happened again.  I don't know what started it...something silly I'm sure.

Middle Boy was mad and getting madder.  I decided instead of being irritated to give him a hug.

As soon as I did it he zoned out.  I asked him what was going on with him.  He told me that he isn't good enough to live with me.  He is causing me to be unhappy and he is ruining another family and this is his last chance in life.

Wow...those are big feelings.  I just kept hugging him and telling him that he is absolutely good enough and he isn't going anywhere.

He is starting to heal.  It is going to be a rocky road.  That he will admit any of this to me is HUGE.

Prayers for continued healing.

Praises for the beginning of building trust.
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