Today was Younger Boy's monthly family team meeting.

We handed out Younger Boy's report card.  Service Coordinator S and Foster Care Specialist M had a lot of questions for Younger Boy.  He basically told them that he just doesn't care so he doesn't do the work during school or at home.  They asked him about 100 questions all of which he answered with either "I don't know" or "I don't care".

Service Coordinator S thought maybe we should get him a tutor.  NO...we are not wasting a bunch of time and the state's money on a tutor.  The problem isn't understanding it is motivation.  I am not going to drag him to yet another kind of appointment just to have him tell me he has decided not to try. 

I have decided to have him repeat sixth grade.  Service Coordinator S and Foster Care Specialist M agree with me.  GAL does not.  He is so concerned about him "graduating on time" that he can't see right in front of him.  He can't graduate while reading at a third grade level.  I'm not sending him to middle school next fall.

His IEP meeting is scheduled for May 1st.  It will be interesting to hear the outcome of that.

He is also enrolled in summer school.  GAL thinks he doesn't need it.  GAL has met him EXACTLY three times.  I'm pretty sure he knows EXACTLY what he needs.

Younger Boy hid under a blanket for the majority of the meeting, because he didn't want to be held accountable for anything.

Prayers Younger Boy will start to accept some responsibility in his life.  I realize he is very young, but the not caring is starting to really get old.
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