I talked to Middle Boy tonight about trauma and attachment therapy.  He wants to do it.

He has been opening up a lot more recently about his past abuse...alll forms.  It is hard to hear.

Tonight in passing he mentioned that he got hit in the back of the head with a golf club, because he said he was bored.  He also mentioned he doesn't like sliding glass doors, because he was pushed through one once.

I am so thankful he is willing to be a part of this therapy with me and Younger Boy.

He did mentioned that he would rather not start it until his current therapy is over, because that is a lot of therapy.  I agree.  He is working through a lot right now during his court ordered therapy, so to add on top a trauma and attachment therapy would be overwhelming.

Prayers that the therapy will be productive for us.  Praises both boys and I can participate.
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