Today is the day we no longer have a foster care agency.

The news is reporting all cases will be turned over to the other privitized agency for foster care in the state, but nothing has been communicated to any of the foster parents at this time. of today we do not know who are permanency specialists are.  We also don't know who is providing authorizations for doctor appointments, therapy, transportation services, or child care.

It has also been reported that there is a possibility all former specialists will transfer with their cases. 

It seems odd to me that the caregivers of the kiddos are not in the loop on this topic.

I asked yesterday how Younger Boy is supposed to get his medications, because they have to be authorized every month and have a handwritten prescription.  We will run out at the beginning of next week so we couldn't refill this week or get the prescription.  No one has an answer for me.

I'm guessing we will have trouble with authorizations for transportation and child care before we are able to get them.

Prayers for the changes to occur with limited disruption to the kids. 
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