Denise is where we are with the red tape surrounding Younger Boy's medications.

On January 4th it was decided that he should get a psychiatric evaluation and med check.  At that time I called the office where Middle Boy goes to the psychiatrist and was told that they were not seeing new patients until the end of March.

Service Coordinator S told me that she could get Younger Boy into a psychiatrist much sooner, but didn't.

At the last hearing Judge D court ordered a psychiatric evaluation by the next court date, April 3rd. 

Now we have no psychiatric evaluation.  No way to get new medications, because we can't make an appointment with a new doctor while a former doctor has a "hold" on the medications.  Can't get them from the former doctor, because the state had them released from him.

I called today to Middle Boy's psychiatric office to try to get an appointment with ANY of their child psychiatrists.  The first appointment we can get is in mid-May, but we can't schedule it until we have the new patient information filled out AND the state has given authorization to treat.

This is a nightmare.  We started this JANUARY 4TH!!  No one can seem to help me figure out what I should do "in the meantime".  The best I have gotten so far is "you might just have to ride it out".  Seriously?  Do they know what they are asking?  He is a DISASTER after one day without meds.

Prayers for doors to be opened and someone can help me get through this red tape.
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