Middle Boy and I are having the typical teenager/parent struggles.  He really wants more freedom and I don't think he is ready.  I am ruining his life.

Today he went to a friend's house.  It is the only time he has ever asked to do this and I approved of it.  When he got home I got a "lecture" on how I never let him hang out with friends and I always say no.  I asked him for examples and he had none.

Of course all of this is complicated by the fact that he is on probation and has an associated curfew.  If I mention that he can't do something because of probation rules I get accused of "throwing all of that in his face" and not being able to let it go.

Tonight I had to remind him it wasn't my actions that got us in this situation and that I have rules to abide by since he is on probation.  I also told him I will NOT break those rules for him.  That infuriated him.  It doesn't matter.  I'm still not going to break them for him.

I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this topic.  He will follow the rules of probation until he is no longer on probation.  That's how it works.

Prayers he will understand or at least be bearable to live with in the meantime.
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