Tonight Middle Boy wanted to talk.  He always likes to talk to me and occassionally it is about things that are kind of deep.  I always give him my time.

Tonight he wanted to talk about the "concrete wall around his heart".  He talked about how he has been hurt so many times that he just doesn't want to let his heart be broken again.  He talked about how people haven't been able to penetrate his hardened heart.  We talked about your heart being soft toward God and toward others.  I see Middle Boy's compassionate heart toward others who there is no relationship with.

Middle Boy then said "I have to tell you something."  I asked what and he said, "You have made a crack in that wall and I am going to let you in."

He didn't want to talk anymore after that.  He just wanted to pray and then go to his room and go to sleep.

When I left his room there were tears rolling down my face.

Praises for a "crack in the wall".
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