I have spent the last three hours being verbally attacked by Middle Boy.

He wants to be able to go to a different high school than the one we originally enrolled him in.  He was bargaining and telling me that he wasn't going to try in school unless he could go to the school of his choice.  I am ruining his life.

He talked all about how he knows that I never once cared about him or how he feels.  He told me I am the worst parent he has ever had.  He told me that living here is like being in a prison.  He talked all about how I don't care about anything or anyone other than myself.  How I don't trust him or love him.  How I have wanted him to leave the entire time he has lived here. 

He screamed about how he hates me and everything I stand for.  He hates church.  He hates Christianity.  He hates that I buy him things.  He hates that I try to be nice when I don't mean it.  You name it...he hates it.

I am deceitful and hateful.  I am a liar and I don't care about anything he wants.

He said he had to attack me verbally, because there is no other way to get through to me. 

He is hurting so much right now and I don't know how to help him.  I wish I knew what I could say or do, but I don't.

Prayers for wisdom and healing.
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