The system is so frustrating sometimes.

Foster children require child care until age 15.  The child care provider has to be at least 19 and have a series of background checks.  Another part of the system is that they only pay for child care to age 13.  The rules don't match, but that doesn't seem to matter to anyone.

This is all fine and good until you are a single parent looking for somewhere for your child to go for the summer.

As best I can tell there is ONE option....the YMCA...but that might not be an option, because they are overbooked and may not take Middle Boy because he is on probation.  SO...what am I supposed to do.

This can't be the first time in the entire history of the state that this has occurred.

Am I supposed to hire a nanny?  Am I supposed to pay for that out of my stipend?  How am I supposed to find one?  Ideally I would like our nanny to be a manny...male nanny.

If I am going to the effort to have this for Middle Boy should Younger Boy just stay home, too.

What am I supposed to do?  Service Coordinator A says "I just really don't know."  How is that helpful to me?

I have actually considered posting it on my facebook page in hopes that someone knows someone who might be interested in doing this.

Pray that the right doors are opened for quality care for Middle Boy this summer. 
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