We had to run a couple of errands tonight to pick up something for Middle Boy's school project.  I wanted to take care of it tonight since he was actually asking for something before the last possible second.

Going in I explained to Younger Boy that he wasn't getting anything since he didn't need anything and what we were buying was for a school project.  I could tell when I said it that this was an unacceptable answer for Younger Boy.

Middle Boy found everything he needed and we were walking to the check-out when Younger Boy asked me to make an exception and buy him something.  I told him no and he immediately started crying in the store.  Yelling and crying about how I NEVER make an exception for ANYTHING and how he is doesn't even get the things he NEEDS.

Middle Boy was mortified.  This is the first time he has seen this behavior in public from Younger Boy.  He went to the car and waited.

Thirty minutes later Younger Boy was finally ready to leave the store...still screaming and crying, but at least leaving.

I was proud of Middle Boy for not completely losing it, because I was ready to.

Prayers for wisdom in handling Younger Boy's behaviors.
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