Middle Boy was working on his school project and needed to melt some gel for his poster.  The package said to melt it in 10-second increments while submerged in water.

After two 10-second increments Middle Boy had lost his patience.  This was a good teaching moment.  I explained that the packaging did not say how long it would take for the gel to liquify so you just had to keep doing it in the increments suggested on the package.  After four increments he was ready to throw the whole thing away.  After seven he was wanting to cut the packaging.  On the eleventh 10-second increment it was finally a usable liquid, but by that point Middle Boy was unable to function, because his patience was GONE.

So...tomorrow night we know that you have to heat it 10 or 11 times for 10 seconds each time and then you can use it.

It was a good lesson in patience and dealing with frustration.

Praises for teaching moments.  Prayers for wisdom on how to handle the situation tomorrow night.
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