Younger Boy had his sibling visit today.  He again went to the home of Mom and Dad J.

The report I received from them was that his day went OK.  He had a tough time following their directions.

Mom J did call me to tell me a story he shared with her.  He told her that he had to go to the psychiatric hospital.  Of course she already knew this, but she wanted to see where the story was going.  She asked what happened that made him need to go there.  He said that he lost his temper and couldn't control it.  He went on to tell her that when we got to the hosptial he threw himself on the floor and cried.  She asked about that.  He told her he KNEW that it would get him out of there and he wouldn't have to see the doctors.

She was shocked, but not.  Since we are on the same case she has already reported it to our entire team to show that he knows exactly what he is doing and is a manipulator.  He listened to her make the calls and cried huge alligator tears saying he was lying when he said that.

She explained to him this is the type of behavior he has needed to work on since he lived with them three years ago.

Prayers for wisdom.  I suspect this might be the thing that pushes his GAL over the edge.

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