Younger Boy is stealing from Middle Boy.  We are starting to accumulate a large list of items which have gone "missing" and then are found in the possession of Younger Boy.

Tonight we found Middle Boy's voice recorder which he brought with him when he moved in and his iPod in Younger Boy's backpack.  Middle Boy has been looking for both for about a week.  Younger Boy claimed that Middle Boy told him he could take them to daycare and that is why they were in his backpack.  This conversation DID NOT occur.

I asked Younger Boy if this was a lie.  He immediately started yelling and embellishing the story.  This is the indication that he is in fact lying.  His stories get very complicated and long when he is not being truthful.

I explained to Younger Boy that stealing is stealing.  He has a history of being in a group home for theft...when he was EIGHT.  His therapist suggested that we empty all of his belongings and confiscate anything that is not his.  He also recommended putting a sticker on everything that is the possession of Younger Boy and if he is caught with something that does not have a sticker he would receive a consequence for stealing.  I have been resisting this drastic measure, but it looks like we are going to have to tag everything this weekend.

Prayers for understanding theft is illegal and for understanding why it is happening.
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