Tonight was actually a good night...a really good night.

Both boys took Sophie around the block a couple of times right when we got home.

We had a meeting with Middle Boy's new adoption recruiter.  Not even sure what her role is in our lives, but she is part of "the team" that is part of living with Middle Boy.

We went to the gym.  I hired a personal trainer for the boys.  Before you think I have lost my mind, let me explain.  It costs $10/week.  He meets with them for 30 - 45 minutes.  He teaches them how to work out safely and the biggest bonus of all...COMPLETELY WEARS THEM OUT.

We went home from the gym and Younger Boy rode his bike while Middle Boy and I grilled dinner and played mancala.

Sophie played outside with the boys and they were racing her.  She won every time.  It was actually funny, because she would turn around and sit and wait for them.  She is fast and they are now calling her a ninja.

It was so good to just be at home and spend time together.  We rarely get to do that without having someplace someone has to be.

It was nice...for everyone.

Praises for a day of blessings and family.
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