At the suggestion of one of the tutors I purchased workbooks for both Younger Boy and Middle Boy to work on.

Each night we are working on either homework or the workbooks for 45 minutes per night.

Middle Boy is working on pre-algebra.  He has the ability to do math.  His confidence level is low and his learning was really disjointed due to the continuous changing of schools.  There are a number of concepts he learned multiple times and a number of concepts he has never seen before.  Just depends on the school district.  He marginally understands the importance of getting pre-algebra under control before moving on next year in high school.  I can help him with math, but he gets irritated with me.  I don't do the problems the same way they do and I can do them in my head.

Younger Boy is a different story.  His tutor and teacher suggested he is really probably somewhere around a third grade level in reading and math.  They suggested to start with those.  I both third grade reading comprehension and third grade math.  Truth be told, he actually can't do either.  He's mad, because they aren't sixth grade workbooks and frustrated that he can't do the third grade workbooks.  I with they didn't say THIRD GRADE on them on the front, but they do.  They are the ones his school recommended.

Prayers that the added academic exposure helps.
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