Today I got an email from the afterschool reporting center Middle Boy goes to.  Attached to it were two behavioral incident reports from the past week.

The first happened when he said something to one of the teachers and she didn't hear him.  She asked him to repeat himself and he wouldn't.  She then stated what she thought he said.  His reply, "That isn't what I said, dumbass."  Of course this resulted in him going to the director of the center to talk about how you talk to authority figures.

The second was when he wasn't following the dress code at the center, because he was wearing the hood on his hoodie.  They asked him more than once to remove it.  He finally did, but then proceeded to lay on the floor instead of participating in activities.  This is a typical PRESCHOOL behavior.

His claim is that he wasn't feeling well.  I asked if he told them that.  Of course he didn't. 

Behavioral incident reports are unacceptable.

Prayers for better behaviors at the center.  If he gets kicked out for behavior there is NO WHERE he can go.
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