I am really starting to HATE facebook.

Over the weekend Middle Boy's mom contacted him through his sister.

Their conversation has been tough on him.  I have read everything that she has sent.  It is basically asking him if he is happy now and telling him that she still thinks about him and loves him. 

He keeps telling me he doesn't care, because he doesn't want to hurt my feelings.  He does care.  It doesn't hurt my feelings. 

He asked if he could get copies of his baby pictures so I would have them once he is adopted.  When I read that I thought it was an odd request.  He later explained that he actually just wanted to see what he looked like as a baby.

She gave him her phone number.  He told me there is no way he is calling, because she is his past.

He is suffering from a lot of anxiety because of their new communication.  He is having trouble processing the whole thing.

Pray for peace for both of them.
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