Today we had the behavioral meeting for Middle Boy at his center.

His behaviors there are more irritating to the staff than they are destructive or unsafe.  What Middle Boy doesn't understand is that this still has an impact on the overall outcome of his probation and as he views it "his entire life".

I did most of the talking during the session asking Middle Boy questions about what was going on and what people needed to change.  We talked about how it is his choices that are causing the strain and stress in the relationships.

He admitted he doesn't have a reason to not follow directions.  He just doesn't feel like it.  At this point though the fact that he doesn't feel like it isn't acceptable.

We talked about how all of the adults in the room have things in their day that they "don't feel like" doing, yet they still do them.  Your choice is your attitude...not whether or not you do them.  You are also in control of your attitude.  You can choose to be miserable or you can suck it up and do it.

I got a lot of feedback after the meeting.  The center sent an email saying that they have never had a parent be as patient yet as direct and straightforward as I was with Middle Boy.  They said that I left no question about the expections I have or what I consider to be acceptable.  They were allegedly impressed with my asking for a commitment to improvement as well.

I have no idea if my words made a difference this afternoon.  Here's the thing though...Middle Boy cannot say that I don't care.

Prayers for a center that provides good care and is willing to work with him if he is willing to put in the effort.
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