Tonight I realized bedtime at our house is like having toddlers.  There are two of us (Sophie and me) who just want to go to bed.  There are two of us who exhibit the behaviors of toddlers.

I have been noticing it for awhile now, but just tonight realized it for what it is.  Both boys get up out of their beds once finally there AT LEAST five times.  They have questions.  Questions which could wait at a minimum until the next day, but more like questions which are completley inconsequential.  They need things.  They need to get stuff together for the next day.  They need to get a drink.  They need something to eat.  They need Sophie in their room.  They need to "check one thing".

I counted tonight.  Younger Boy in and out of the room for 90 minutes after his initial entrance with eleven trips out of the room.  Middle Boy in and out of the room for 40 minutes after his initial entrance with seventeen trips in and out of the room.

Once they were both FINALLY in the room Middle Boy decided he needed to change the alarm tone on his cell phone.  Fine.  What I didn't expect was for it to take five minutes at the TOP VOLUME LEVEL.

Tomorrow night there will be new requirements at bedtime...with time limits.

Pray for a more expedient bedtime.  I need more sleep!!
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