This morning I noticed that Sophie has a weird bulge where he incision is located.  I call her vet this morning and she said it was probably just how it was healing, but to bring her in just in case.

By the time I got home to pick up Sophie the stitches were showing in her incision.  They hadn't been previously.

We got to her vet's office and Sophie was so excited to go in we could hardly keep her under control.  She loves the ladies who work at the front desk.  She was the only one there so they were letting her run everywhere and give kisses to everyone.

The vet checked her and said it was probably from her high level of activity, but she also said she knew there was NO WAY we could do anything about it.  If the stitches are still sticking out next Monday she will take them out for us instead of letting them dissolve.  She suspects they will disappear.

Sophie didn't want to leave the vet's office.  It makes me feel good that we chose someone who she clearly likes and trusts.

Praises for amazing care for our baby.
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