EMDR therapy with Younger Boy today was interesting.  Since he had told his "secret" in therapy with Therapist C they decided to try to address it with Therapist D during EMDR.

The approach was fascinating to me.  She asked him to think about himself as a two year old.  She expalined how inside each of us there are memories at every age and they live in our brains and our hearts.  She asked him to draw what he thought would be a safe place for a two year old.  He drew our house both inside and outside.  In the outside drawing he and I are sitting on a porch swing.  On the inside drawing he is sitting on the couch with Middle Boy, me, and Sophie.  Originally he put Middle Boy in the middle and then crossed it out and put me in the middle.

During EMDR she asked him to visualize himself as a two year old with me taking care of him and keeping him safe.  She asked him to picture himself on the couch and on the swing with me, but he was two.  They talked about it and you could physically see his shoulders relax.

Younger Boy also has trouble with transitions so they talked about him being done with summer school this week and talked through how it was okay to be both happy and sad it was ending.

I love this therapy.  I wish we could have started sooner and that Middle Boy could do it as well.
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