We had Middle Boy's family team meeting today. 

It went well with the exception of Middle Boy talking about how he doesn't like to follow anyone's rules and that people in places of authority should have to earn his respect INDIVIDUALLY.  The whole thing was pretty absurd.  I don't know if he was "showing off" because it was such a big team or if he was just being a jerk.  Either way...completely inappropriate.

Probation Officer stressed the importance of working up to your potential in school and also not being disruptive in the classroom setting.  She gave multiple examples of court cases where those things extended probation even though there was no illegal activity.

We talked about his ability to seal his court record and actually following procedures.  We talked about BIG PICTURE things.  He struggles with big picture.  If it doesn't affect him THIS MINUTE then it doesn't matter and isn't important.  It is the whole FAS characteristic couple with being a teenage boy.

Prayers for a cohesive team.  Middle Boy didn't question (maybe missed) the part about adoption being delayed.  I am going to have to address it soon though.
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