Today we went applicance shopping for the new house.  First we had to go and measure the opening for the new refrigerator.

I have never had to do this before.  When I moved into the house I live in now they were "all included" so I didn't have to do much except use them.  For this house I had to buy a refrigerator/freezer, washer, and dryer.

Who knew there were so many choices in these?  It was insane.

To listen to the boys you would think this decision was LIFE OR DEATH for them.  When I explained the final decision was mine alone they seemed irritated.  Last I checked they didn't help with laundry and only removed things from the refrigerator and freezer, not replaced them.

I LOVE what we ended up with.  Everything probably has standard features we will likely never use, but so does our TV and computers.

Praises for being able to choose our appliances and for the boys plus the respite girl being good shoppers and very patient.
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