While they were waiting for Middle Boy at therapy, K took Younger Boy to the pet store.  He thought it would be completely appropriate if she were to buy him either a lizard or a $600 bird.  Thankfully she did NEITHER.

He then decided he was hungry so she took him to McDonalds.  She said no to a slush or a shake. 

They picked up Middle Boy and he too was STARVING.  Might not make it through the day.  She took both boys to 5 Guys.  Allegedly we have NO FOOD in our home.  Not one thing they could have for lunch.  K knew this was completely untrue, because she had just helped pack up all of the extra stuff from the kitchen two weeks ago. 

Younger Boy ate AGAIN.

I'm sure she is thinking that either I don't ever feed them or they are complete scam artists.

Praises for her ability to say no to the animals and the "extras".  Praises for her patience!!
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