Younger Boy woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  He was a mess this morning.

He decided that he wasn't going to wear any of his own shirts because they were "stupid" so he decided to wear one of Middle Boy's.  It hung down to his knees.  The other problem was that he didn't ask Middle Boy first and it was the shirt Middle Boy had put out to wear today.  When I asked him to take it off he decided to throw an open bottle of pills across the kitchen.  We had to search all over so Sophie didn't accidentally get one.

This behavior resulted in him losing his cell phone privileges for 24 hours.  That resulted in him throwing his cell phone at me and stomping downstairs.

Once I dropped him off at summer school I circled the parking lot to make sure he entered the building.  He didn't know I was circling around and I saw him hide behind the dumpster next to the school.  He just happened to see and me and walked toward the school, but turned around to see if I was watching him six separate times.  I watched him walk all the way into the school and past the office, because I didn't trust that he would stay there unless an adult saw him in the building.

Prayers for a better morning tomorrow.
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