Younger Boy and I went shopping tonight for Middle Boy's birthday while he was out for dinner with Mentor L.  It was a torrential rainstorm and we got completely soaked while RUNNING into the store.

Younger Boy had his gift card he had gotten from Grandpa and Grandma for his birthday and wanted to use that.  He got Middle Boy some blank CDs to record his original music on.  He also bought himself some walkie talkies and decided he would give one to Middle Boy.  Allegedly the range on them is 16 miles.  He has it in his mind they can talk during the day while at their summer programs.

Middle Boy had told us he wanted a vanilla cake and mint chip ice cream.  We failed at both.  I could have made a vanilla cake, but didn't.  He ended up with a rainbow cake and cookies and cream ice cream, because they didn't have mint chip.

I got him a box fan.  He has been wanting the really old fashioned kind of fan that sounds like a jet engine since he moved in.  I had also gotten him an iPod touch earlier.

We went home and got ready for his party.

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