Today's message at church was about Colossians 3:20-21. 

The first half was about how children should obey their parents.  I knew it was striking a chord with Middle Boy, because he kept looking at me for my reaction. 

The second half was about parents not discouraging their children.  The pastor provided a list of things parents do to discourage and frustrate their children.  The list was pretty powerful.  I do at least four of the things on a daily basis.  Some of them that very morning on the way to church.

Leaving church it provided a good discussion.  I asked both boys what the main thing they learned was that morning.  Younger Boy originally couldn't think of anything.  Middle Boy said he learned that he needs to step it up.  He said the part that really hit him was that the pastor started to cry during one part.  It made him really this was important stuff.

I apologized to both boys for not being as encouraging as I could be.  Middle Boy apologized for not even trying to obey on most occassions.

By this time Younger Boy said that he learned he is supposed to obey and that he was sometimes a jerk.  His words not mine and that he would do better.

This was probably the most discussion we have had following a sermon since the boys have lived with me.

Praises for a powerful message and for the hope of application.  Praises also for God's mercy and well as the grace of the boys.
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