Younger Boy's therapy consists of two pieces...a talking portion and the EMDR portion.  I am a part of both of the sessions.

It was really interesting today.  Therapist C was talking to him about how you learn to trust.  She had a baby doll she was holding and she asked Younger Boy questions like "What does a baby need?" and "How do you know a baby needs something?"  They talked a lot about when a baby cries if they are picked up and comforted EVERY time then they learn to trust adults.  They talked about how if this only happens occassionally or never happens then the kids don't learn to trust.

They kept talking about trust and Younger Boy started to cry.  She asked him what was going on in his mind and he said "I have a secret that I can't tell anyone."  She asked him if he could tell me and he said "yes".  Then she asked if he could tell her and again the answer was "yes".  He told the story of why he has a scar on his head.  I have heard him tell the story MULTIPLE times.  Sometimes with emotion and sometimes like a play-by-play announcer.

Therapist C asked him if he thought it was his fault and he felt guilty.  She explained the difference between a secret and your business.  She told him secrets are things that make you feel guilty or embarrassed or ashamed and your business is something that you can choose to share or not, but that it isn't your fault.  It seemed to help him.

Praises for openness and AMAZING therapy.
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