The boys can stay home alone for up to three hours.  I typically don't go that long for a couple of reasons...there aren't enough hours available for me to be gone that long when one of them doesn't have something going on and they truly don't do a great job of keeping themselves occupied.

Tonight I had training for the teen camp so they were home alone.  I only got two calls.  The first was because they wanted to know if it was okay if they had ice cream. don't ask when I am home so I'm not sure why you called, but okay.  The second was a little different.  They called because they thought maybe two fuses were blown and they wanted to know how to get the power back on in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Turns out they had plugged the vacuum and carpet steamer into the same outlet probably while the air-conditioning was running and the fuses blew.  I'm guessing they did it twice.  Once in their room and once in mine.

So....there is no reason to be mad.  They were trying to help out and were trying to be efficient with Younger Boy vacuuming and Middle Boy steam cleaning simultaneously.

Honestly I am proud of them for staying busy while I was gone...with something productive.

Praises for a good evening with them home alone.
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