I started taking a class today at the Trauma and Attachment Center.  It is titled "Attachment 101".

It was FASCINATING.  I went into it a little bit jaded, because I have done A LOT of research on the topic.  I am going to post about the things I learned later this week.

The mix of people in the class are interesting.  After listening to them I think it must be a court ordered class for some people.

There is a couple pursing the adoption of two of whom I know from camp.

There is a couple adopting four year-old twins out of foster care.  I met her when she was training to become the director of a camp while we were at camp earlier this summer.

There is a couple who are having trouble with their biological teenager.

There is a lady adopting her granddaughters toddlers.

There is a lady who is the guardian of two teenage boys who are the children of her ex-fiance.

There is a guy who is trying get custody of his 6 year-old son from foster care.  She was previously living with the mother and he didn't know the son existed until about 6 months ago.

There is a couple who have two kiddos in foster care and there is a guy who has 13 children.

All interesting stories and after hearing them understandable why there are attachment issues in all of the cases.

Praises for this class.  I wish I didn't have to wait to finish the last two classes in a later session.
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