Tonight I dropped Younger Boy off at baseball practice and told him I would be sitting in the car right where I dropped him off when it got over.  I had two quick errands to run and practice was an hour long.  From where you park you can't quite see the field where they practice.

I arrived to pick him up 30 minutes early.  I stayed in the car and he never came to the car when all the other kids were leaving practice.  I walked up to the field and no Younger Boy.  I called home to see if he was there and he wasn't.

I drove around the park looking for him for 30 minutes comtemplating if I should call 911.  I called home again to see if he was there.  He was...he got a ride home from a teammate.  Really?  It didn't occur to you that I was waiting when I said I would be.  It didn't occur to Middle Boy that they should call me if he came home, especially since I had already called once looking for him.

Good grief.  Stuff like this makes me CRAZY.  I was angry, because I was worried and driving all over looking for Younger Boy.  Neither boy thought it was a big deal.

Prayers they would understand that I actually do what I say I am going to and that they have to keep me informed.
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