Younger Boy OFFICIALLY started at the Attachment and Trauma Center today.  I LOVE IT!!

We do one hour of family therapy per week together and one hour of EMDR together.

For those unfamiliar with EMDR it basically reorganizes the way the neurons in the brain fire in response to various things.  That is a REALLY SIMPLIFIED explanation.

Right now we are working on feelings.  Younger Boy was asked to rank order the following feelings in the order he thought the were the most present in him:  happy, sad, anger, worry, proud, and scared.

He ranked them in this order:  sad, anger, worry, happy, scared, proud.

We talked about how feelings come and go over the course of the day and how no one can control your feelings and your resulting behavior except for you.

During the EMDR portion they start with all positive connections.  We started with what it means to love and made a list of all of the people who love Younger Boy.  He couldn't believe that many people love him and care about him.

We also talked about how love isn't "out of sight, out of mind".  He thought that wasn't true.

I think this therapy is going to be powerful.  Maybe this explains their HUGE waiting list and screening process.

Praises we were accepted to the program and I will be able to do this with both boys eventually.
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