Once Middle Boy gets something in his head he can't let it go until it is either done or it doesn't work out. 

Tonight it happened again.  He wanted a different bag to use as his everyday bag.  He has been using a backpack, but it is getting pretty ratty and has a hole in the bottom.  I don't disagree that he needs a new bag, BUT he doesn't need it at 11PM on Friday night.

He was in and out of my room asking if I had a bag in my closet.  He was in and out of the garage.  He was in every drawer in their room and every closet in our house.  He wouldn't let it go.

When he gets like this I usually can't do anything except just let him do it.  Of course it isn't an emergency.  It was driving me crazy.  I wanted to go to bed and he was wandering all over looking for a bag.  At one point he wanted to go buy one.  He couldn't sleep until his stuff was in a bag and ready to go FOR MONDAY.

Prayers for me being able to cope with this behavior.  I know it is motivated by a feeling of not having what he needs. to parent it.
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