For Younger Boy's birthday I bought him a gift card at a sporting goods store.  The intent was for him to get the bat and baseball helmet he has been wanting.  As I write this I am reminded of how badly Older Boy wanted a bat last year and how he punched a hole in the hallway wall because I wouldn't buy one. 

What a difference a year makes!!

Younger Boy made a decision.  While he had enough money to buy a pretty expensive bat and helmet he decided instead to buy a less expensive bat and helmet so he could get Middle Boy a baseball glove.  Middle Boy DID NOT influence this decision.  In fact, he was looking at dart boards and kayaks.  (Which we didn't get.)

Younger Boy even told me he wished he had enough to buy me a glove, too.  That way we could all play catch together.  I told him I have an old glove in the garage and we could find it while we are packing.  I promised I would play catch with them...if they promised not to "burn" it to me.

Middle Boy was pretty touched about getting a glove from Younger Boy.

Younger Boy has compassion and kindness that is really starting to emerge.  I am proud of him.
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