Our garage door is broken.  Younger Boy went outside to ride his bike and after he opened it he couldn't get it to go back down.

I don't think it was anything he did, but trying it repeatedly before coming to get me didn't help the situation.

Instead of coming in and letting me know he asked Middle Boy and Respite Girl if they wanted to come outside to play.  About five minutes later I went out to see what they were doing and I find Younger Boy and Respite Girl holding up a cock-eyed garage door and Middle Boy standing on a folding chair pounding on the rail with a hammer. 

STOP!!  Everyone STOP what you are doing.  Of course this cause Middle Boy to scream "f*** you" which is not really the response I was hoping for with the unsafe condition. 

I asked them all to go in the house so I could call a garage door repair company.  I found two that did 24/7 service.  One charged $230 for a weekend call and the other $75 for a weekend call.  I went with the cheaper.  In the end our garage door was fixed for $75.  No new parts needed.  Not really sure what happened.

Middle Boy was still pouting because he could "fix it".  In his words I "chose not to give him a chance".

Praises for a fairly simple fix for the garage door and that no one was hurt during the "let's not tell Mom" repair. 
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