This morning Younger Boy is having big feelings.  That is what they call it at the attachment center when you are having feelings you don't know what to do with and they are causing reactions to things which wouldn't normally be a big deal.

Both boys were up early again working on their new routine.

Younger Boy was sweeping the kitchen floor when he moved a chair and accidentally hit Sophie in the head with it.  She yelped.

When I found him he was at the end of the hallway curled up in a fetal position holding Sophie and sobbing.  Sophie was licking away his tears.  I asked him what happened. 

Through his tears he said he had accidentally hurt Sophie and he didn't know if she would still love him or forgive him.  I sat down beside him in the hallway and told him what happened was an accident and she still loved him no matter what.  In fact she was licking away his tears, because she KNEW he was sorry.  He apologized over and over.  We talked about love.  We talked about how Sophie loves him the same way I love him.  There is nothing he can do to make me love him more or less.  Sophie feels the same way.  So does Jesus.  Sure Sophie can get mad at him and growl (so can I), but that doesn't mean we don't love him.

He seemed to calm down a little bit.

I asked him if he thought maybe the big feelings were also about it being the last day of summer school and  he might miss his new friends.  He said yes.  We talked about how it is perfectly okay to be sad...even normal.  Feelings are what they are.  I reminded him how we talked at therapy about how he can be sad about summer school ending and happy about getting to play all day at the same time. 

He smiled through his tears and said "I love you, Mommy."

I love you, too, Younger Boy.

Thank you God for bringing this amazing boy into my life and giving me the people and the tools I need to get through each day.  Without you...nothing is possible.
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