A couple of family team meetings ago we discussed a program for foster kids and former foster kids that helps with independent living skills and plans.  I remembered this morning (not sure what triggered it) and emailed Middle Boy's Service Coordinator.

She is going to send in a referral for him to be a part of the program.  They have a career choice center and they help with college scholarships and planning as well.  When you adopt a 15 year old you are a little bit behind the game on teaching life skills unless the people before you have done a good job.

Middle Boy has some life skills most 15 year olds possess.  He knows how to cook quite well and is fairly good at cleaning.  He has no idea about laundry and has a complete lack of understanding of budgeting, money and how much things cost.  We are working on money right now, but if there was also reinforcement in these areas it would be incredible!!

Praises for programs and hearing about them.
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