Tonight we went out for dinner for Middle Boy's birthday.  He wanted to go to a buffet so that's where we went.

All in all it was a nice time with one behavioral exception.  I went up to get dessert and when I came back Middle Boy had smeared butter all over the shirt of Younger Boy.  It is still unclear to me why.  When I asked about it I didn't really get a straight answer.  In fact I don't really remember an answer.

I did mention I thought that the manners we used at home were usually better than the manners I had seen that night.  I also mentioned that butter is quite difficult to remove from clothing and asked who was planning to help out with that since it is a natural consequence of something.

Finally I got a response that Middle Boy "just wasn't thinking".  Hmmm...that hadn't occurred to me.

Middle Boy thinks his behavior was appropriate and that is "what all 15 year-olds do".  Any 15 year-olds out there who can chime in on this one?  Are you all doing this and I just not that cool?

Prayers Middle Boy will start to "think" before acting impulsively.
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