Today I had training for camp from 9am to 3pm.  Middle Boy had therapy at 11am and Younger Boy had a baseball game at 11:30am.  They are able to be home alone for a couple of hours so they were sleeping when I left for the day.

During the week I had coordinated with K to take Middle Boy to therapy and one of the dad's from Younger Boy's baseball team who I have known for my whole time in Omaha to pick up Younger Boy and taking him to baseball.

I called the boys to make sure they were awake.  Not so much.  I asked them to text me when they were ready to go.

It was kind of a stormy morning.  The baseball games were postponed.  The contingency plan for rain was for K to take both boys with her.  She received a huge fit from Younger Boy, because his former foster parents would have let him play in rain and lightning.  I forwarded him the text about the game being postponed.  Didn't seem to matter.

K took both boys.

Praises for a good friend!!
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