Every single time I turn around there is something new Middle Boy and I are arguing about.

Today I picked him up at therapy after my class.  We were talking about what we were going to do the rest of the day.  Both boys like to know all of the plans, because they hate surprises and are pretty inflexible if they think we are going to do something or if they have an agenda.

We talked about how some friends of mine were coming over to work on getting the crafts ready for the teenage foster camps.  I told him he and Younger Boy could either help or hang out with us and not help or watch a movie in the basement.  It didn't really matter to me.

He decided that he wanted to rent a movie.  When I asked if there was just something he could watch off Netflix (which we are already paying for) he exploded.  I didn't want him to watch the kind of movie he wanted to watch.  Netflix is stupid.  Why couldn't I just cooperate.  What is wrong with me?

It's so exhausting.  I can't give in, because that sends the message that you can be a jerk and get your way.  It's a movie though.  It doesn't need to result in my being belittled.  I know all of these arguments aren't about me.  They aren't even about movies. 

Prayers I can continue to not take these things personally.  It gets harder every day.
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