Today Middle Boy had an appointment with his psychiatrist.  We don't see a psychiatrist for therapy.  We have a therapist for that.  We see a psychiatrist for psychotropic medications.

Middle Boy was taking a mood leveling medication and an anti-depressant when he moved in.  We have weaned slowly off of the mood leveler and the anti-depressant.  We have added melatonin for sleep in meantime....sort of.  Middle Boy is very ANTI-DRUG.  I think he equates all drugs to illegal drugs.

Today on the way to the appointment we talked about whether or not the "no medications" was working.  I gave my observations.  I think the anti-depressant needs to come back.  It had an anti-anxiety component along with it and I would argue he needs both right now.  I also told him my observation is that he is a lot more aggressive without the mood leveler.  The question I asked was if he thought he was trying to control it and couldn't or if he wasn't trying to control the aggression.  He admitted that at times he was not trying to control the aggression and anger.  I told him I would let the mood leveling medication go for another month, but he has to work on controlling the intensity of the anger.  It okay to be mad.  Everyone gets mad.  It isn't okay to scream and swear and punch things.

His doctor also talked to him about caloric intake.  Both drugs he was taking affect weight.  He also talked to him about the importance of being hydrated and getting enough sleep in mental health.

I think everything sunk in.  By the end of the appointment Middle Boy asked for the anti-depressant and agreed to using melatonin CONSISTENTLY for the next 14 days to reset his body.

Praises for a good and patient psychitrist.  He did a great job of explaining melatonin to Middle Boy and why is it important to sleep.
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