Tonight I got an interesting phone call from J. 

He had two things.  I had asked him to consider doing respite for me while I was at camp.  He said that he really considered it, but that after spending Sunday and Wednesday with us he knew there was no way he could do it.  He said the boys might be "too much" and he said that he wasn't sure how I do it all of the time.  For me it is my "normal" so I don't even notice what he is talking about.  On top of that I think he truly saw some of their better behaviors.

The second thing was this...Southern Belle had asked him to give Younger Boy her phone number.  He wanted to talk to me about it and get my thoughts.  I told him that I check all of Younger Boy's texts every night and that he can't delete them without my knowing.  He also doesn't have the ability to send or receive picture texts.  We decided we would rather have them communicating with someone 1,500 miles away in a completely controlled environment than someone we didn't know.  They see each other a couple of times a year.

When I gave the number to Younger Boy I explained in detail how you treat a girl you are talking to.  You are always, no matter what, respectful.  I also explained she lives in a different time zone so he needs to respect her bedtime and stop texting early.

I also talked to Middle Boy about how he is too old to text her and how I didn't want him to influence Younger Boy.

It was an interesting conversation.  Praises I will be able to monitor it on a regular basis and that she is a nice girl.

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