We ended up going to dinner with one of my friends who helped with crafts.  It took about 20 minutes to decide where we should go....maybe seemed like an eternity to me!!

Both boys used fairly good manners. 

At one point we were having a discussion and Middle Boy started what I call his "tough guy" talk.  It is when someone says something he doesn't like and he goes into this discussion about hitting them upside the head, smacking them, and a number of other things.  After all these months I haven't figured out if he would actually act on these things or not if push came to shove.

I have though set up a consequence system for talk about violence.  Both boys talk CONTINUALLY about knives and guns and punching people.  They don't like it and they tell me that EVERYONE they know ALWAYS talks about violence.

I get the fact it might have been true in their biological homes and maybe even in some of their foster homes.  The fact of the matter is this...from here out we will likely not ever know anyone who gets shot or has their home raided for drugs.  The majority of people don't.  Just because it is what is sensationalized on TV and the news doesn't mean it is the norm.

Prayers for their minds becoming filled with things other than violence and anger.
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