Both boys have a new found focus on homework.

You can actually see the relief they have knowing they are getting caught up.

They are stuck in a crazy cycle of confusion and guilt surrounding homework.  It is my job to help break that cycle.

Younger Boy did have a moment of kooky story insistence that his teacher is a "liar" when I told him she had emailed me that she handed out the "blue sheets" on Thursday and doesn't hand them out on Monday.  She also told me he doesn't "need" them to do the work.  Another thing he had INSISTED to be true.  I read him the email.  "She must be talking about another one of her classes".

I reminded his "smart" brain that we talked about this in therapy.  When a teacher emails a parent they know which student they are discussing so ALL of the information contained in the email pertains to the him.  That makes him really mad, but he is starting to think it through.

Both boys did about an hour and a half of homework...pretty good for a Friday night...or any night.

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