This morning I was catching up on the few blogs I read.

One of them asked this question:  Who is in your circle?  That circle where the people TRULY understand what you are going through?

Wow...that question hits home.  I don't know anyone with close to the same circumstances as mine.  I have some online friends who get the part about RAD and raising a kiddo who is struggling to attach.
I have some friends who are single parents.  I have some friends who are women in professional jobs.  I have some friends raising teenage boys.  My circle of people who understand it all...quite small.

Don't get me wrong.  I am so very thankful for everyone in my circle regardless of circumstance.  God put each of you there for a reason. 

Every now and then it would be nice to just have someone "get it"...all of it.

I am lucky that God "gets it".  In fact he picked me for all of it.  Sometimes it is so hard to remember it.
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