Since Service Coordinator left for vacation without finalizing plans for the reporting center this week for Middle Boy we have had to come up with alternate plans.

Middle Boy has spent the majority of the week helping out at the company of Mentor R. He has been cleaning, helping with inventory, and helping make their product. He comes home energized and feeling really good about himself. I think it is doing him a lot of good to actually be productive after sitting at the juvenile center for the last two months.

He asked Mentor R if he could work there after school and over the summer. As usual transportation is a HUGE issue for us. Over the summer...NO PROBLEM. After school...AARGH. I HATE that middle school gets out at 2:40pm. I am going to start trying to figure out the possibilities. Mentor R and I are going to discuss the possibilities in the next couple of days.

Mentor R and I have certainly have our differences of opinion, but I am very thankful for him helping us out this week. It has been such a HUGE blessing.
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