Middle Boy has started calling a lot more recently.  Honestly I am not sure how many times he called yesterday.  He generally calls some time while I am at lunch and then again as I am leaving work.  After that he usually calls to talk to Younger Boy at least once and then me again multiple times.

I enjoy talking to him.  He doesn't have to call.  He chooses to.  That is a big deal.  He also chooses to continue to work on his relationship with Younger Boy.  That makes me happy.

We made a deal today about calls and letters. 

Again he asked if I am going to visit tomorrow.  Every time I tell him that I WILL NOT miss a visit for anything unless me dying.  He asked if I would miss one if I had a meeting at work.  NO.  I will not.  I asked if he thought work was more important to me than he is and he said he didn't know.  We still have some work to do in this.  Work will NEVER be more important than he is...NEVER.

Prayers for trust.  As with Younger Boy there are a lot of years of bad examples to overcome on this one.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to show him he can trust me and that I will be there.
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